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The Senate

The Senate of Canada, the House of Commons, and the Queen come together to form the legislative branch of Canadian Parliamentary democracy. Senators are appointed by the Governor General, on the advice of the Prime Minister, to represent the diverse regions of Canada. The province of Nova Scotia is represented by 10 Senators, who work in conjunction with their Atlantic colleagues to address the concerns of Canadians.

In a typical week, the Senate sits on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for approximately four hours. During busy periods (ie. In advance of a budget, at the end of a session), the Senate will often extend its hours to include Monday and Friday, and sometimes even the weekend. It is not uncommon for the Senate to sit until midnight during these periods in order to address all of the legislation before the chamber.

The order in which issues are dealt within the Senate chamber is determined by the Order Paper. Speaking time is allocated based on the type of bill or inquiry and the stage of the bill. All speeches are recorded in the Senate journals and debates. Click here to see the latest versions of these documents, which are available on the HERE.

LEGISinfo is a service which allows Canadians to track the progress of legislation through both houses of Parliament. Click on the link below to read speeches, rulings, and see the results of votes HERE.